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<?php session_start(); ?>
include ("settings.php");
include ("language/$cfg_language");
include ("classes/db_functions.php");
include ("classes/security_functions.php");
include ("classes/display.php");
$lang=new language();
$dbf=new db_functions($cfg_server,$cfg_username,$cfg_password,$cfg_database,$cfg_tableprefix,$cfg_theme,$lang);
$sec=new security_functions($dbf,'Sales Clerk',$lang);
$display=new display($dbf->conn,$cfg_theme,$cfg_currency_symbol,$lang);
header ("location: ../login.php");
$body.="ok, so here we're going to have a forced opening page. To disable this for now,
comment out the if statement directly after 'if(!sec->isLoggedIn())...' in home .php";
echo "$body";