gBootRoot pronounced "bOOtrOOt"
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#!/bin/bash -x
# This presently just does two things: compiles skas-or-tt, and then edits
# the Makefile to the MODE of the system.
if [ ! -f $SKAS_OR_TT_DIR/skas-or-tt ] ; then \
make -C $SKAS_OR_TT_DIR; \
strip -s $SKAS_OR_TT_DIR/skas-or-tt; \
perl -e 'open(IT,"skas-or-tt/skas-or-tt|") or die "Trouble opening skas-or-tt/skas-or-tt\n"; while (<IT>) { if (!m,not found$$,) { $it = "skas"; } else { $it = "tt"; } } system "perl -pi -e \"s/MODE=tt\n/MODE=skas\n/g\" Makefile" if $it eq "skas"; system "perl -pi -e \"s/MODE=skas\n/MODE=tt\n/g\" Makefile" if $it eq "tt"; '